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Being Comfortably Uncomfortable

hat is definitely an oxymoron.

On the surface it doesn’t make sense. In this walk with God many times things don’t make sense to us intellectually. It’s a faith walk.

Trust the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

I am encouraging you today to move forward. God has placed something on your heart to do and it may make you uncomfortable, but move anyway. Many people sit and wait for some supernatural manifestation to just “poof” and it happens. That is rare but it happens. For the most partm you must walk it out in faith.

It’s uncomfortable because we want to be sure, but as long as you’re sure about what God said for you to do, or put in your heart and mind to do, go for it.

Stay close to Him in prayer and in fellowship with your sisters in Christ. In many cases, your confirmations will come through them; however, the Lord can and does use whomever He wants to get a word to you.

Real change does not come from what is comfortable or familiar. Get used to being uncomfortable if you want genuine growth in your life.

Being comfortable in uncomfortable situations requires you to be vulnerable; that is the hard part. Who wants to be vulnerable and open? Our walls and masks make us feel safe.

What are you willing to sacrifice? Your comfort?

Keep the vision in front of you; whatever God has shown you

Get comfortable being uncomfortable because you know in those moments God is moving. It’s not you but Him. Remember, Lean not to YOUR own understanding.

He’s got you.


T. Tucker

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