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The Jewels was “birthed” in October of 2016 with six ladies of faith. We have since expanded, and grown which is amazing.

We affirm to be the change we wish to see. We celebrate and support each other, recognizing your sister’s sparkle doesn’t dull your shine.

We pool resources together to make sure we can have events, outings, and to give back as a blessing where we can.

This group has blessed me tremendously. We are growing in our overall state of well-being. With our quarterly “Sister Talk” conference we offer a safe place to share; a place of unmasking, where we can lay it all out and not be judged, but encouraged and positioned to excel in our life.

We women, despite race, economic background, level of faith, etc, share the bond of sisterhood. We understand the many hats we wear, and it feels amazing to come together in freedom from judgment, just letting our hair down so to speak, and using our voice and stories to encourage healing.

Love is our central theme and the foundation of our group. Love of God and neighbor. I am excited for the growth of Jewels LOP Outreach, as I know that we will branch out globally.”

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Jewels LOP Outreach is a nonprofit that provides an atmosphere of growth, self-development, and spiritual maturity for all women.

Our Vision

Jewels LOP Outreach’s vision is to create a sisterhood of faith that empowers women to use their voices and share their stories to encourage others hurting to find their healing.

We Need Your Support Today!

Our Purpose Statement

The purpose of our organization is to provide emotional support and bring women together from all walks of life creating a united sisterhood.

We achieve this by:

  • Offering daily encouragement to each individual woman within our reach to help motivate them to be the best version of themselves each and every day.

  • Hosting our  Sister Talk gatherings to bring about self-awareness, self-care, spiritual and emotional health to help empower women to remove their masks and walk in their truth.

  • Hosting annual women's weekend retreats to challenge women to dig deep away from the noise; to restore balance and harmony in their lives.

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